Data Cuisine

A project by Moritz Stefaner and Susanne Jaschko

Pristina, February 25/26, 2017, produced by UNDP, chefs: Papirun

Boston, June 23/24, 2016, produced by Northeastern University and Indexical Design Conference, chef: Gaitskell Cleghorn Jr

Gembloux, April 27-29, 2016, produced by KiKK and Smart Gastronomy Lab, chef: Ludovic Vanackere, Atelier de Bossimé

Leeuwarden, November 5/6, 2015, produced by Media Art Friesland, chef: Klaas Kasma

Berlin, September 5, 2015, participatory Data Cuisine menu produced by Schott Ceran, chef: Sebastian Becker, bestecklosFingerFood Berlin

Basel, August 28/29, 2015, produced by HeK, chef: Thierry Boillat

Berlin, January 16/23, 2015, produced by MiCT, as part of the Open Eye Award, chefs: Sebastian Becker und Maximilian Haxel, bestecklosFingerFood Berlin

Barcelona, June 10 – 13, 2014, produced by CCCB, as part of Big Bang Data, in connection with Sonar+D,  chef: Sebastian Velilla

Helsinki, September 15/16, 2012, produced by Pixelache, in connection with OKFestival, culinary expert: Antti Nurrka, open data lover: Miska Knapek

Have you ever tried to imagine how a fish soup tastes whose recipe is based on publicly available local fishing data? Or what a pizza would be like if it was based on your city’s population mix? Do you want to know how data could relate to cooking? Can you imagine to push the paradigms of data representation to the extreme by applying the principles of your local cuisine?

The Data Cuisine Workshop is an experimental research on the representation of data with culinary means. We represent local open data through the inherent qualities of food such as colour, form, texture, smell, taste, nutrition, origin etc. By translating data in concrete, sensually experienceable matter, from the language of numbers into the language of food, we will gain unexpected insights into both media and learn about their inner constructions and relations.

The workshop is a collaborative research experience, blurring the boundaries between teachers and participants, data and food. At its end, a data driven menu and on-line cookbook will be created.

The workshop travels from one city to the next and is taught by Moritz Stefaner, an expert in data visualisation, and Susanne Jaschko in collaboration with a local culinary expert. The results of this research are documented and published on the Data Cuisine website. The workshop is organised by prozessagenten in collaboration with local institutions.

Data Cuisine won Gold in the category Data Project at The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016.

Please contact us, if you want to become involved as a host or participant.

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